Wednesday, 24 August 2016

15 Reasons Why Adekunle Gold Is The King Of Photoshop (See These Lovely Photos)

Everyone knows Adekunle Gold is what we like to call “The Alternative musician”. When he’s not doing his own style, he’s turning up in only adire or even posting hilarious Photoshop pictures of himself.
Here are the times he showed us he was a boss at this Photoshop thing:-
1. When He Posed For The Camera With Mummy Beyonce
2. That Time He Was Swinging On A NEPA Pole
3. This One That Made Us Give Him A Side Eye
4. When He Transformed Into One Of The Three Statues Of Lagos
5. He’s The Only Person That Can Pose On A Show He Wasn’t Even Invited To
6. When He Wanted To Take John Legend’s Place
7. Just Look At Him Forming ‘animal Lover’ With This Lion
8. That Time He Trolled OAP, Gbemi, For Wearing A Shirt With His Name On It
 9. This Really Creepy Picture Of Him And Rihanna
10. That Time He Wanted To Feature In Nicki’s Video By Force
11. Whe He Was Basically Looking For The Monalisa’s Trouble
12. When He Made Nicki His Chair In Her ‘Anaconda’ Video
 13. When He And Kim Broke The InternetNL_Adekunle_13
14. That Time He Held On Tightly To ToolzNL_Adekunle_14
 15. This Picture With Tonto Dike That Looks Like A Prewedding Shoot
You like these photos? Adekunle God is the King of Photoshop.
Which of the Photo look 100% Real to You?
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Source:- Zikoko

WHY NA!! Rapper Falz Give Hints On Quitting Music, His Reasons Will Surprise You

Folarin Falana also known as Falz has revealed that he might be quitting music to focus on his law ambitions.
According to him, despite making so much from music at the moment, law has been a part and parcel of him, .
“Law is a part of me forever, for life. I might still go back to it full time may be at a later time, but right now I am a musician and am here full time music”. Falz said
Revealing his source of inspiration, Falz disclosed that “My source of inspiration comes from my surroundings, the things that happens around me, when they happen, I just try to put them into writing”.
Speaking on his new project, he said “Right now I am working on a joint collaboration with Simi, also working on another solo project after that, which is coming very soon”.
Falz, no doubt indeed has had a fabulous career in the music industry so far, but not so many know that the rapper is a trained lawyer who has been called to bar since February 2012

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Female Commercial Okada Rider Spotted In Surulere, Lagos (Photos)

According to Eagle Eye Bri Reorientation who posted the picture on his Facebook timeline, this lady who rides okada within surulere has been in the business for three years to support her family.

Five Nigerian Artist You Should Watch-Out For Their Albums Anytime Soon!!

This year has been a very amazing and fulfilled for so many Nigerian musicians and we their fans can testify to that. Alot of Nigerian musicians too have dropped there albums. Many of the albums are now floating to the International charts.
Artiste like Kiss Daniel, Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold and Patoranking are doing good on the charts but there is still more to come.
Here are Five albums from five of Nigerian finest artists that would be dropped this year;
1. Wizkid
Ayodeji Balogun popularly called Wizkid or Starboy has announced that he will be dropping his third studio Album this year with a lot of foreign collabos, Wizkid who just returned to Lagos from his world tour has been one of the most busiest Nigerian musician this year so far. The title of his third studio album is Sound From The Other Side (SFTOS).
2. CDQ
CDQ who has been in the limelight for sometime now has earlier this year talked about him dropping his album this year and he has lived up to his house word.
Few days ago he unveiled the album art for his studio album which he calls “Quality”.
Alongside dropping the artwork the rapper expressed on his Instagram page gratitude to his fans.
“A dude from the ghetto, slum, floor, project resting on the shoulder of success all because you gave me chance and believe in me…I can’t thank you all enough my fans and well wishers God bless you #Woss #QUALITY #ALBUMCOVER #GRL”#7DaysTo Go.”
3. Olamide
Baddo!!, It has been confirmed that Olamide will be dropping his 6th studio album this year I repeat this very year and boy will I say that it is obvious that baddo has not stepped on the breaks.
The name of the album has not yet confirmed, but it has been said that songs like Konkonbility and Abule Sowo will not be on the album. Kudos to Baddo!!!
4. Cynthia Morgan
Northside INT artiste, Cynthia Morgan is getting ready to drop her #Madrina album, which will drop this very year too. When asked what the fans should expect she said:Five Nigerian Albums You Should Watch-Out For.
‘Looking back at what I’ve been putting out as an artiste, I think I’ve tried for myself, and then I’ve proved myself to an extent for people to trust and believe. I’m gonna do my part, I’m working hard to make sure my fans feel the album, and then I wanna be closer to my fans.’
‘Let tell you I’m gonna be dropping like 25 songs on my album, it’s something new, something that’s never happened in Africa.
‘Because I wanna be closer to my fans, I wanna be able to relate, I wanna be able to talk to them in different ways what they’re going through in their lives, what I’ve been through… Most times I write about experience and stuff like that. So, just trust me’.
5. Reekado Banks
Reekado Banks has announced his debut album will be dropping in August 2016!!! Reeky has twitted that his album is going to be massive and the best album for the next ten years. We are anticipating it Reeky!!
There are other artists set to drop their albums too but these are the few we can make out yet. So expect massive hits to come this 2016!!
Be Sincere… Which of the Album will you Cop once it drops?
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5 Reasons Why We Think Wizkid Is Not Husband Material

Is Wizkid ready for a wife or is he still searching for Caro?….
Wizkid might be one of Nigeria’s biggest stars today, but is he ready to take on the big responsibility of being a husband? We don’t think so, and here’s why.
1. He’s Young And Just Wants To Have Fun
The most important thing to note here is that Wizkid just wants to have fun and is in no way ready to be saddled with the responsibility of taking care of a wife and family.
Let’s not forget how he vehemently fought his second baby mama, insisting her child wasn’t his.
2. He’s Surrounded By Way Too Many Women And Is Showing No Signs Of Settling
Let’s face facts, Wizkid has never been known to hold a proper, long-lasting relationship. Rather he has been linked with woman after woman over a short period of time.
His latest ‘love interest’ seems to be 20-year-old American singer, Justine Skye, but some of us are already counting down to the day we’ll hear the not-so-shocking news of a breakup.
Guess whose heart will be broken?
3. He Has Two Kids And Too Many Women Willing To Play Wife For Him Already, What Does He Need One Single Woman For Right Now?
It is general knowledge that men do not find the idea of marriage and commitment as appealing as women do. Now, what more could a flourishing young man like Wizkid, who already has children, the one thing that eventually drives a commitment-phobic man into marriage, possibly want in a wife at this point?
With the snap of a finger, he can get any woman of his choice to come around and play wife for him whenever he’s in need of being fussed over and catered to.
What more could he ask for?
4. He’s At The Peak Of His Career And Doesn’t Need That Sort Of Distraction
Wizkid is possibly the biggest thing in the country’s entertainment industry today and is solely focused on pushing his career to the maximum, and making the best of the global attention he’s currently getting.
A wife is the last thing he needs right now as we all know the great responsibility that comes with settling down.
5. Like His Mentor, Fela, He Can’t Be Loyal To One Woman
Wizkid has always professed his love and admiration for late Afrobeat king, Fela Kuti, and even got a tattoo of him on his arm.
Who can ever forget the iconic man who got married to 27 women in one day and maintained, until his last day, that he did not believe in being with one woman?
Yep, that is Whizkid’s biggest mentor, and like him, we we don’t think Wizkid believes in getting tied to one woman either. He ain’t about that one man to one woman life.
So ladies, if you had any plans of getting hitched to the pop star anytime soon, you might want to think again.
Drop your Comments.
Source:- The Net NG

Friday, 19 August 2016

What Cosmetic Products Are Dangerous For Children


What cosmetic products are dangerous for children

Unfortunately, the reality of the modern cosmetic industry is that the vast majority of cosmetic products and household chemical goods, including manufactured by large international companies is actually a hellish mixture of chemicals and carcinogens.
These chemicals accumulate in the body causing not only skin problems, but also diseases of internal organs. And we apply such cosmetics on our skin daily and in large quantities. Soaps, shampoos, shower gels, liquid soap, bath foam, shampoo, tonic, cream, lotion, facial mask - we all use them every day.
Toxic substances penetrate into the skin. Currently, the amount of nitrate entering the body through the skin is a hundred times higher, than the one which enters the body with food.
Many baby care products contain ingredients with irritating or allergenic effect, as well as potentially carcinogenic (causing cancer) or endocrine disruptive properties.
Destructive endocrine substances are chemicals that disrupt the function of hormonal system and cause tumors, reproductive violations, congenital, and other malformations.
As a result of regular contact, for example, when using cosmetic products for skin care, these harmful substances can enter the body. The more chemicals you use, the greater the likelihood that they will have an harmful effect on health.
It is therefore useful, if possible, to limit the contact with harmful chemicals that contain in cosmetic products.
Children are exposed to dangerous chemicals from a variety of sources, not just from skin care products and toys, but also from the everyday things - clothing, food, furniture - and they are much more susceptible to toxic chemicals than adults.
Their immune and nervous system keeps evolving, and detoxification systems are not fully functional. In addition, the skin of children is significantly thinner than adult skin and barrier function of the skin is not fully developed.
Thus, children quickly accumulate the chemicals, and their organs and the immune system are less protected from the chemical attacks. They are especially sensitive to the effects of substances that deplete the endocrine system, because they violate the general development of the body.
On Jiji, the largest marketplace in Nigeria, you can find quality baby care products. You can be sure that they are safe and you can be sure that you will find the best prices. Also, you can post your own ads free of charge. In addition, the website has an intuitive interface, which is also very important for your convenience.

Boko Haram: US Secretary Of State, John Kerry, To Visit Nigeria Next Week

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Nigeria and Saudi Arabia next week to discuss regional issues, the State Department announced Thursday.
Kerry will first go to Nigeria and meet with President Muhammadu Buhari to discuss the threat of terror group Boko Haram, spokesman John Kirby said.
Boko Haram, the group responsible for the kidnapping of nearly 300 girls from a school in Chibok in 2014, has killed at least 20,000 people in its 7-year uprising against the Nigerian government.
It surpassed Islamic State in 2014 to become the world’s deadliest terrorist group, according to the 2015 Global Terrorism Index, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace.
Kerry and Buhari also will discuss Nigeria’s economy and human rights issues.
Secretary Kerry then will travel on to Saudi Arabia where he will meet with Saudi and other Gulf state leaders to discuss the ongoing conflict in Yemen, Kirby said.
VOA’s Steve Herman contributed to this report.

REVEALED! Olamide Reveals Why He’s Yet To Feature In Any International Collaborations

YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji drops big revelation on plans to expand his coast as regards international collaborations.
According to the rapper and label boss, the last thing he would ever do is pay for international collaboration.
“’Ogun’ kill international collaboration, because Fela did not do any international collaboration before he was recognized in the international market. Its not all about hustling for that sh*t, everywhere I am right now, everywhere I have been through, its by the grace of God”. He said
“If I do my work well, my work will take to me where I ought to be, likewise if I don’t do it well, will never get there, but me Olamide, I will never pay any dime for international collaboration”.
“I just want to hustle for my stuff, live my dreams, and also stay connected to the street. We represent them and they give us what we need, we have lot of songs to sing, even for days, so we are not bothered. We rep the street and the street is the majority”.
“My music appeals to any one, if they want to do anything with me, its fine I deal with them. For any one to be on my track, that’s a no no. I am on my Fela p right now. Fela did not hustle for anybody to be on his track, he lived his life, he made his music and when he died, they started looking for his music, copying his style. I just want to live my life, so when am gone, they look for me and copy my style too”

Wickedness!! How Woman Damaged Salesgirl’s Face Over N400 Fried Meat In Lagos

A 22-year-old woman, identified as Okafor Sharon, was on Thursday arraigned before an Igbosere Magistrates’ Court for allegedly causing grievous harm on a sales attendant in Lagos state.
The prosecuting officer, O. Balogun, told the court that Sharon unlawfully assaulted the complainant, simply identified as Comfort, with a breakable plate and injured her on the face following a disagreement over payment for drinks and N400 fried meat at a bar in Lekki Phase One, in Eti Osa Local Government Area.
The victim had served Sharon who ordered for drinks and N400 fried meat.
The suspect, a second-hand cloth dealer, was at the bar in the company of a man, simply identified as Kingsley.
The sales attendant, afterwards, demanded for payment as she was about to retire for the day and needed to tidy up sales book for the day.
Sharon was said to have ignored the victim, insisting that Kingsley would only pay when they were done.
Comfort, however, tried to take back the drinks when Sharon threw a plate at her which damaged her face.
The prosecutor noted that the accused, who was arraigned on one count bordering on the offence and accused of unlawfully causing the victim grievous bodily harm, contravened Section 243 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Vol. 44, No. 2, 2011.
The accused person however pleaded not guilty.
The presiding magistrate, Mrs. A.T. Omoyele, adjourned the case till September 16 for mention.

Chibok Girls: BBOG Members Plan Several Marches To The Presidency

A statement released today by the advocacy group for the missing Chibok girls, Bring Back Our Girls, states that the group will from Monday August 22nd commence actions that will compel the Federal government and international community to take decisive measures towards the rescue of the kidnapped Chibok school girls.
According to the statement, they will be marching to the presidency and also engage in media interactions and others.
We hereby announce our decision to embark on a series of activities to compel decisive action from our government and the global community. Activities will commence on Monday, 22nd August 2016. They will include several marches to the Presidency, media interactions, and engagements with critical stakeholders such as Governments, International Organizations, Statesmen and Influencers.
Critical areas to be covered during this period of engagement are our‪ #‎ChibokGirls‬, the humanitarian crisis in the North East, corruption in the disbursement of relief materials to IDPs, and the arms deal saga. We call on all citizens, within Nigeria and across the world, to join us on these engagements.